I’m dizzy, master.

Yang Jiahui told him that master should not buy in such a big order in such a market, which would spoil it.
I’m not white, so what should I do? I haven’t bought many stocks yet, he patted his oily forehead and said
Remove the bill and buy it at the bottom bit by bit. Remember that each bill is smaller than the big one, said Jiahui.
Boss Miller is really obedient. He will not finish the single withdrawal, and then he will drink water and wait for them slowly. At this time, it is not easy for both of them. All three of them are watching the disk change and are waiting slowly.
It is futile to make more efforts when the trend is broken, because the market has become accustomed to inertial thinking, which can only be improved little by little when the trend changes, not overnight.
After a short attack, the stock index finally fell slowly due to the lack of follow-up strength. Changyu A also fell slowly from the daily limit position just now, but when it was not much, a large number of people rushed to Jiahui and touched it. Master told him that he could take over the plate slowly. When Miller smiled, he reached out and tapped the keyboard to implement the purchase. His fingers were not flexible and his eyes were not very good, but he still stuck to the established plan and took over the plate slowly.
Other food and alcohol stocks also fell. From the stock index, the decline has increased significantly at this time, which shows that it is still a reality to leave at high speed.
Three people smiled at each other and bought them. Their purchases were very small, and each order was smaller than the selling order. In this way, for a whole afternoon, Boss Pan Miller didn’t buy many chips, and Jiahui didn’t buy many chips.
How long will it take Jiahui to buy it?
Master, if you are too anxious, it is easy to chase after the heights.
Look at the three people who have just come from the house. When they passed by the hall, they saw a few more scattered here. They knew that these people must have known that they had just risen, but by the end of the day, they had fallen back. I am afraid that they will be trapped again in a short period of time.
Master, what do you like about Changyu instead of Maotai Jiahui?
Boss Miller smiled faintly after hearing this. He said that because red wine is good for people’s health, I have been drinking Changyu every day, and I feel quite good.
Hearing this explanation, Jiahui Zhang Jun nodded. They remembered Buffett’s famous saying, that is, not to touch unfamiliar industries. It seems that he really did this. How naive it is compared with chasing up and down investors every day.
Boss Miller is outside the hall. They broke up. He wants to go to the vegetable market to buy food, but they continue to walk home along the bank of Liaohe River. This road is the most familiar to them. Every summer, it is a paradise. Whether the elderly or the children want to enjoy the cool in their leisure time, there is nothing wrong with going home now. Just take a good walk in the park, see if they dance swords and sing operas, and many old people get together to talk about things.
Occasionally, Zhang Jun felt that the two old people were familiar with each other and approached only to find out that they were neighbors of their own community, Uncle Zhang and Uncle Li. Zhang Jun knew that both of them were retired in the Quyi team, and they were partners in the work. Now they are retired and even more clown.
Tall and fat, Uncle Li wiped his sweat with his handkerchief and said something to his counterpart.
In other words, in the process of stock investment, Lao Li is called a sesame flower.
That’s a lot of money. Uncle Li held his head high and stood out from the crowd.
That’s earned a lot of IOUs. Haha, people around you laughed too.
Zhang Jun took Jiahui outside the crowd and continued to listen to them there. Hu Kan heard Uncle Gao go on to say that it was a long day. Shareholders Lao Li couldn’t bear to teach the priest what optimism is. Answer pessimism. Optimism is those who see more people than themselves. Pessimism is investors like you who are still deeply embedded there.
There was another burst of laughter from the people around. Lao Li retorted that it was a stone to drink milk now, and the train was on the track, and everyone was stupid when he bought stocks. When he dared to buy stocks, he was stupid. Haha
At this moment, a man chimed in and said, I don’t think any of you can say that anyone is a sentry at Jeremy goldkorn.
Section 71 Clever fish offal
Section 71 Clever fish offal
With the bitter laughter of everyone, the two men quietly left the crowd, and they didn’t continue to listen, because they knew how hard it was to be born in this market just like the battlefield for a long time. The stock was also short of eyes, and if it didn’t protect itself, it would be to face death. This market is death and hide-and-seek
There are songs and laughter everywhere in the park, and they appreciate it and go straight to the ferry to see what’s the seasonal seafood ferry today. It’s the largest fresh seafood place in Liaoying City. Every time the tide is full, boats and boats will be crowded with a ferry. At this time, boatmen will pick all kinds of seafood from the cabin and come to the shore. Wholesale vendors will flock to compete for the most delicious and cheapest seafood every time they see this situation.
Zhang Junhui arrived at the ferry in a very opportune time today. When they arrived at the ferry, it was a good time to get goods. From a distance, people were huddled in piles. They didn’t want to get their clothes dirty for a few dollars, and two people were watching from the outside.