Although that crazy will, which is higher than majesty, growls again and again and impacts again and again, the initial induction seems terrible, but it is not difficult to resist it.

Get out! Get out! Get out!
The crushed will kept howling, but Meng Fei was calm. He was not afraid of the fire gourd, but he had the soul to guard his life. After the soul attack, he could easily block the material attack.
Crushing the will is actually similar to an aura.
Once you can’t resist the most temporary collapse of your will, you should quickly stay away from it, and you will soon recover the undead.
The speed of fire gourd gradually slows down.
Thirty meters, twenty meters and ten meters
The distance is approaching.
The impact of that crazy will is getting stronger and stronger, with a feeling of being higher than others. Roar and roll the chop suey again and again, or I will kill you.
If you wanted to kill me, you would have killed me a long time ago, Meng Fei sneered. What’s worse, I’m in the fire gourd, even if I go beyond my honor, I have to be afraid of you, such a ridiculous and stupid paper tiger
Ridiculous and stupid. Meng Fei was right
At first glance, it seems terrible to crush the will, but it seems silly to roar and denounce the root again and again. Even if the simplest consciousness attacks, it will form many impact illusions, and so on. This crazy will doesn’t seem to understand the benefits, and the consciousness will denounce the threat.
Get out of here, you lowly son of a bitch, or I will kill you and strip your soul, so that you will suffer forever and regret it. It seems that Meng Fei’s approach makes it crazy.
Meng Fei is too lazy to meet.
This will can really deal with yourself easily, or really grasp the root of words without intimidation.
It’s even more intimidating to intimidate, so the IQ of those words is not too low. It is estimated that some monsters who are slightly enlightened are much more intelligent than it.
Bastard, don’t you dare come here again. I will kill you. I will kill you. You will regret it.
The more intense the impact of the will, the harder it was for Meng Fei, which made Meng Fei unable to help but shock himself. It didn’t matter that the will was absolutely the most respected and the other respects had an impact on themselves.
I’m afraid it’s beyond respect to the impact of will to make myself feel threatened.
But this will should not be strong, otherwise the IQ will not be so low, but the strength of will is so terrible.
It’s strange that the general will impact doesn’t affect the will impact at a certain distance for the super strong. Meng Fei andao, two super strong wars are dozens of miles away from each other, and they exert their will impact at a distance of 100 miles away from each other, and they display their conscious attacks and differences.
Is it a loose Meng Fei heart movement immediately control the fire gourd to change the flight direction?
It’s a straight line approximation
Now it’s a curve
It doesn’t matter where it is impacted. The will impact doesn’t seem to be in wisdom. The very low will impact and the method of gathering together in one direction are full of doubts, but Meng Fei still moves on.
The greater the impact of that will on Meng Fei.
Meng Fei’s eyes became more and more sharp and crazy with every drop of sweat on his forehead.
I’m still five meters strong. Meng Fei continues to make steady progress, but it’s very slow. It’s more and more terrible to crush the will. It is said that the long-distance crushing of the will is as close as a paper tiger. The density of crushing the will seems to be much higher and the oppression is much stronger. I don’t know how many times.
The closer you get to that consciousness, how many liters is the crushing power?
Four meters Meng Fei looks ugly.