Ten dragon-shaped gas soars into the sky, and these ten dragon-shaped gas strengths have different colors and energies. Meng You struck Feng Yunshen with a sword, but was directly forced back by the dragon-shaped gas.
Kan Li dui Zhen Xun gan Kun gen Ji instrument dzogchen
The instant ten-person center in Mengyou has been isolated from the outside world for thousands of miles.
Compliance with all kinds of gas and strength has covered thousands of miles of Fiona Fang, a completely new force, and now people are shocked even by killing Hou Yu and others
Give me a broken Meng You drink a big drink and a sword, but it’s still stabbed in the slippery cloth. Meng You’s sword force was easily removed by that dragon spirit.
Meng You, isn’t your speed fast? Isn’t it very powerful? Feng Yun’s sound is in a large array. At this moment, he is standing in a large array and watching Meng You’s cat play. Generally, several other people are also in various positions.
Ten people look down on Meng You from ten directions. Everything is under control.
It is not a problem to see Yuan Ye’s eyes turn back to this road when the law is completed. On the other hand, Gu Beicheng and Hou Yu’s murder are inextricably linked. On the third road, Yuan Ye is in an absolute advantage. Sixteen two-star domain masters and more than 30 one-star domain masters are fighting against six one-star two-star domain masters. This is just a matter of seven suspense. Even people have not had a chance to escape, but they have been seriously injured.
And that hasn’t been away from Chunyutai. In a star field, the main Fan Kuai attack didn’t move at all, and it didn’t hurt Fan Kuai’s constant attack. But in front of Chunyutai, there was a bloody light curtain, which was not big enough to cover it, but Fan Kuai’s attack on this light curtain was the least damage.
Well, seeing this, Yuan Ye suddenly flew in surprise.
Fan Kuai, you back off.
Is to see Yuan Ye near the Fan Kuai immediately devoting to retreat.
Yuan Ye, if you want to kill me, I’ll tell you, even if Meng You and Hou Yu are trapped by you, and no one has a chance to protect me, you won’t hurt me. Grandpa loves me, and I’m running around alone. Grandpa has given me enough to sign up, baby. I’ll show you today. Seeing Yuan Ye coming to Chunyu Taiji, hating anger and being quite proud.
It’s not the law, and the Ashura world is not so strong. What is this? Yuan Ye didn’t know how to be a virgin, but she carefully observed the red screen again.
Hahaha, this is my grandfather’s powerful protective mask. God’s powerful protective mask, even if you can break your capacity, told Yuan Ye the answer directly.
God energy mask smell speech Yuan Ye suddenly narrowed his eyes, every martial arts can be quarrelling cohesion than attack power quarrelling sword or defense, defense armor is similar to defense mask, but it all has one thing in common, that is, these quarrelling condensation things will disappear quickly without the master’s strength, just like the fuel flame. Chapter 1541 is pressed.
But this is an exception. It can be condensed into a conscious life even though the energy of the Buddha will not disappear after leaving the Buddha. Several pipes in the leapfrog tower are powered by the Buddha, which is the first-class figure of the Buddha. Now it seems that although they are not alone in the consciousness of the Buddha’s avatar power method, they can still keep their eyes open for a long time. This bloody curtain should belong to this category.
Yuan Ye suddenly sneered at the sight of Chunyutai’s full letter. After all, God’s energy protection is also a kind of energy. I don’t think he will be able to keep attacking this bloody curtain without the follow-up strength.
Hum, Yingying dares to shine on the bright moon, just because you want to exhaust the power of the gods.
It seems that I have long guessed that the other party is afraid of Yuan Ye and immediately laughed at me. I can’t do it alone, but I want these hands to get rid of your poor people and bombard them indiscriminately. This curtain won’t last long. How can I kill you then?
When you listen to the sudden change of face, you are extremely ugly and can’t say a word.
But I’m curious that no one can move you now. Why don’t you run? Do you really want to die or something?
Hum, you’re afraid of Chunyutai and suddenly sneer.
I’m afraid that now I’m long gone, and now my hands are back. I have to go. Your roots can’t stop me, but let’s see if your plot came early or if I solved this man and broke your curtain. I’m still looking forward to how much treasure you have left in this ring. Yuan Ye slowly turned around and looked at the battlefield, and the faint sound was waiting from behind. Even if you came to some big shot, you would know that my treasure was powerful.
At this time, Hei Luocheng has completely fallen into fear, saying that the former Hou Yumeng’s excellent attack on Yuan Ye ended in an instant, and few Hei Luocheng people were surprised to talk about what happened. Now, nearly 70 domain owners are fighting in the sky and the ground, and the ghosting is constantly passing by, bringing up a grudge. Now Hei Luocheng has been completely replaced by fear.
And around a black city, there are many figures floating in the middle or falling in the distance. Looking at the depths of the black city, people are surging and people are buzzing. Obviously, they perceive big events.
What’s going on here? A duke asked in a small way.
A lot of wars are fought by domain masters, said another excitedly.
The vast majority of people are very afraid and looking forward to the Ashura world’s murderous belligerence, and they are also extremely excited about strong fighting. They just want to see such a peak battle, and at this moment, Heiluo City has gathered no less than 70 domain masters, which is definitely a rare sight for ordinary people.
Kill two star domain Lord Hongwu growl a directly to him against a star domain master chest to crack two stars to a star root is overwhelming advantage, even worse, there are two star domain masters around to help him, and with this star domain master seriously injuring each other, there is no star domain master to fight. Two star domain masters are besieged by ten times as many people, leaving two people.
Yuan Ye immediately put these seriously injured people into the world to get rid of his opponent Hongwu and others, and immediately joined the other battlefield. Suddenly, the situation in the new battlefield was even more bleak.
Rao, the fighting in this battlefield is still fierce, and there are bursts of blood and fog. Many masters will show their unique skills and enjoy their murder in their hearts.
The once prosperous central area of Heiluo City is no longer in Heiluo City, and the weak people have fled, while the surrounding experts have rushed here from all sides to watch the world war I.
Soon, the last two star domain masters of Chunyu Taifang were also the strongest Meng You Hou Yu left in the world. These two places are also the most noticed places. Even now Yuan Ye’s hand is lost, and the star domain master is capable of fighting face to face. Looking at the star domain master may still be the starting point in the battle of the Samsung domain master, but the gap between the four star domain masters is too big to help the star domain master, not to mention it.
You teamed up to bombard a surname too light curtain, regardless of these two places. Yuan Ye turned back directly to Hongwu and other strong orders.
Is suddenly these people qi qi should be ordered.
And the battle between the four star fields of the battlefield and the customer Bei Cheng Hou Yu has been fierce to the limit. At the same time, people are dazzled and horrified to the extreme. This confrontation is unimaginable for many people. Even if a star field owner breaks in by mistake, it will surely be torn to pieces in an instant.
Tianyun is holding a piece of thunder and lightning. Hou Yu’s body broke out and the ultimate skill caused terrible fluctuations. It was almost unimaginable to fill Lei Guang’s spread film world, and then the terrible thunder hammer went crazy towards Gu Beicheng.
However, is it easy for Bei-cheng Gu to see his white clothes fluttering and his green lightsaber shining, but in an instant, it blocked the thunder attack and spread to the thunder.
Damn it, Hou Yu, who saw Gu Beicheng rushing to himself, also roared and rushed to the other side, vowing to fight for Gu Beicheng’s life and death.
After all, the ultimate confrontation between the two people is 50-50, which belongs to the four star domains. At the beginning, Hongli fought Feng Yun. It was a stalemate that the two men hit the ground from the sky. It didn’t take ten days and a half to win.
On the other hand, relying on the top ten masters such as law Feng Yun occupies an absolute advantage.
See that trapped by law Meng You facial muscles twitching his mouth is taking a blood.