Liaisons after Sunset

A probe into folk songs in northern Jiangsu
Visiting the girl in the moon
I took my little sister to see the lanterns.
See if the light is fake.
Sister, try your heart
The border town has written several times about the Dragon Boat Festival. The emotional development of the Dragon Boat Cuicui is closely linked and is an indispensable link for the development of the plot.
At the same time, it seems that it is writing about customs, but actually it is writing about people. The longest part of my novel is probably a paragraph about setting off fireworks in the three friends of the old cold. Because this novel doesn’t meet many people, I copied this paragraph.
It was a particularly fine day in Wan Liyun. One day, there was a 40-foot-high elevated man in Yincheng. After eating dinner early, he shouldered the bench and waited for all kinds of snacks to sell beef, sorghum wine, braised dried tofu, spiced peanuts, sesame seeds and fragrant sugar, tofu brain, boiled water chestnuts and fresh seafood, fresh purple skin, fresh water chestnut, and newly peeled chicken’s head rice. It was suffocating everywhere, and the glass lamps in the four corners smelled of fennel. People were looking for relatives and friends, saying that the short Taoist priest came and often kissed the hot Yincheng.
Suddenly, 10,000 pairs of eyes look at people in the same direction, opening their eyes for a while, narrowing their mouths for a while, opening their mouths for a while, shouting and laughing for a while, and slapping Tao Huchen to light fireworks.
There is also a long paragraph describing several kinds of fireworks in detail.
The fire gradually faded away, and then people called.
Second girl is going home.
Si Er, where are you?
Grandma, wait for me. I dropped my shoes.
People don’t know until they touch the bench. The dew is coming.
What I write here is custom, but I don’t write about characters. But I already know that all pens and pens are dedicated to writing about people, and fireworks make Tao Huchen. I mean that when people watch fireworks, they are happy and lively, showing the happy mood of Tao Huchen during the period of life’s rising, showing that they have worked hard, and being happy with others. It is also true that a kind personality is written in the novel, but I deliberately don’t write about it. I have hidden Tao Huchen and let him melt into the crowd. I want to read and feel that watching fireworks is lively and happy, and I will feel that Tao Huchen, a person
Writing customs can’t be separated from people, characters can’t be separated, stories can’t be separated, and writing customs can’t even forget to return to the characters.
Genre painting novels are limited. First, genre painting novels often describe people’s inner world with less external descriptions, so the characters are not typical. Second, genre painting is generally fresh and simple, and it can’t be summarized very deeply. Life lacks historical thickness, and it can’t be as magnificent as epic. Therefore, genre painting novels often can’t represent the founder of an era. Therefore, genre painting novels should know whether to be angry because they have not been taken seriously.
Therefore, I hope that I and others will not write genre paintings, but also break through the depth and breadth of life when writing genre paintings.
Tianshan xingse
be in a hurry to set out/go on a trip
Common language
Nanshan tasong
That Nanshan is a pine forest.
There are places to visit near Urumqi, namely, 21Nanshan and Tianchi. Anyone who goes to Urumqi does not go.
Nanshan is the edge of Tianshan Mountain, but not the hinterland. Nanshan is a pastoral area. Cars have gradually entered Nanshan. We have seen the pastoral area. The mountains on both sides are rolling and the mountains are gentle. There are fine grass growing all over the mountains. Last year, it didn’t snow much and the grass was short.
Far away, I saw the mountains staggered and scattered, and the towers were dark and dark.
The car goes from the stone path on both sides of the mountain stream to the depths of the pine forest.
Tasong is extremely clean, the leaves are freshly wiped with dead branches, the color is blue and green, and the air is extremely clean. When we get up, we eat watermelon by leaning on the grass and our clothes are stained with turpentine.
There is little rainfall in Xinjiang, and the air is very dry. It rains in Nanshan. Some people say that a hat cloud can also rain for a while. However, it is just a hat cloud, and Nanshan is still dry. However, one tree after another has grown up densely, relying on the little snow last year. The grass in the pagoda pine forest is rich and many trees can be picked up. Mushrooms are white and tender.
Tasong brought moisture and a sense of rain.
Trees are rain.
Nanshan’s victory place, Yangshugou Chrysanthemum Terrace, has not been there.
Tianchi xueshui
A young Uighur oil painter, who seems to be brilliant, told me that Tianchi can’t paint too blue and too green to look like a fake.
Tianchi is in Bogda Snow Mountain Bogda Mountain, which attracts Urumqi people’s eyes all the year round. Bogda is the trademark of Bogda Mountain, which marks many light industrial production capitals in Urumqi.
The car Urumqi galloped over the desolate Gobi Desert and headed for Tianchi. I felt vaguely that I was not in Xinjiang, but somewhere in the south. The crops grew very strong and lush, which made people feel comfortable. The roadside houses were also clean and neat, and the pedestrians looked good and satisfied. A place with yellow hair and happiness grew a huge flat. Elm trees have been around for hundreds of years, and two or three people have been able to hold them. The trees are healthy and old, and the calves are walking slowly. The weathering layer of Xinjiang Mountain is thick. Less exposed stone bones A cliff wall with exposed stone bones is hard and shiny. Black iron stone cracks grow into trees. The shade is covered with fine vines and fine grass. The stone wall is a swift and clear river. This is not like Xinjiang, but like Emei Mountain in Sichuan.
To Xiaotianchi, who made it up that this is the place where the Queen Mother washes her feet? It’s really a bummer to rest at the edge of the cliff pool for a while, and then the water’s edge is cool.
When I arrived in Tianchi, the Uighur painter said it really well. People blurted out that spring water is brighter than blue.
The blue surface of Tianchi Lake is a little far away from the snow-white snow-capped mountain, and the mountains opposite it are densely covered with Taxonomy Taxonomy, that is, spruces grow in rows and rows, one by one next to the mountain, which seems to be artificially arranged. The pool water is extremely calm, and the clouds of Taxonomy Snow Mountain are reflected in the pool water, which is a little uncomfortable. I don’t think it’s like seeing the scenery in China, as if it were a Swiss landscape postcard.
Or Tianchi is a crater. Many Tianchi in China are craters. The snow melts in Bogda Mountain in spring and summer. Among them, it is full of water all the year round, unfathomable, and the snowy mountains of Tianchi are quite wide. Where the snowy waters pass, there are vegetation and flowers, and people and animals are flourishing.