Others also moved slightly the same. The broken red has already jumped on everyone’s face and had to be erased quickly. Only the killer sent to Tsing Yi in the misty rain on the balcony did not move, and the pairs of cold Kurome kept crossing the broken red Fei Ying.

Destroy the surging billows and lay aside to see that all the people are gradually beating and breaking the red. However, they are more careful about what the evil wind sweeps through, and they may hide the killing tactics. Then they smile slightly and don’t be nervous. This is paper money.
Paper Qianjiang Jiaoyan immediately twisted up a piece of broken red and pinched it tightly in the finger, staring coldly at the destruction of Cang Lan, but it was paper money.
I just want to say that this fierce green sun spits hard and slaps his chest. Why is it that the more urgent he is, the more awkward he is, the more he stares at his eyes. Isn’t this the red paper money from Bones Niang? I still remember this breath as pungent rouge. This is not comfortable. I can still remember it.
He remember that feeling of bee dragged and stroked by a group of glamorous female ghosts and thousand of jade arms.
Destroy Cang Lan nodded and said, I remember it seems that we met an old friend. His cold eyes on one side of his head are exactly the same as his breath. That pontoon bridge Ji wants to really not die or
Is it the elegant door, the door master, fierce Qingyang, who blows his fists and gnashes his teeth? I told you she colluded with the underworld.
Elegant door master, which Jiang Jiaoyan you said it was, although it represents Heaven’s sword alliance eye, it is still unclear about this matter for the rest of Jiang’s sorrow to stand in the China Alliance for the time being.
Which fierce green sun blinked and suddenly opened its mouth, and so on? The list of Shenzhou martial arts conferences.
It is said that the master of the elegant door should embrace the moon by the wind, destroy Cang Lan and catch a wisp of flying red hair backhand, so the elegant door here is the old site, and the school that wants to face is gone, and that one embraces the moon.
Exactly is which side in the underworld Hejiang Jiaoyan cannot see through and destroy Cang Lan pupil. Hold down his arms and ask earnestly.
Now I can be sure that I want to face up in the underworld. I took one look at Jiang Jiaoyan and held down my hand. A gentle pick of the knife-shaped eyebrows made him let go. When we were walking in the underworld, we met the pontoon bridge of the Lord of Wan Gui City. Ji wanted to face up, but she was an acquaintance. This paper money was flying in the rain and she wanted to face up with a special aroma. This aroma is unforgettable in my memory.
Said out surging billow can’t help but bitter sneer at this time all over the sky strange virtual shadow is still screaming, as if to vent the ten million years didn’t grieve hear people tremble.
I still want to say that if you destroy the public, you will suddenly sink your eyebrows and coldly force them to destroy Cang Lan’s face.
Destroy Cang Lan Mo suddenly raised his finger to his lips and said, I’ll solve this matter. I told you that it took such a day to clean up Yan Yi first.
Well, Jiang Jiaoyan narrowed his eyes and interrupted the two men, saying that they were out of breath. Tell me what to do quickly.
Have you ever felt something congenial about the main body of your alliance? Suddenly, the conversation turned and a dangerous smile crossed his eyes and looked at Jiang Jiaoyan.
Perceived that Jiang Jiaoyan leng once and then restore calm way
Now, you have to hold your breath for a while, and then you can feel those shadows, real breath, and when anger erupts, it will destroy your energy. Then you backhand pointed to the shadowy dancing night behind you and sneered, I guessed right.
Destroy the surging billows in front of everyone with your eyes wide open, and a pair of blood pupils shoot like fiends, which is fascinating. The cold light pledge will shake the destiny of Jiang Jiaoyan. This time, it will expand the blood evil spirit array by more than ten times.
Vote pk and get points. Chapter 4 Aroma, Face, Cold Wind, Ecstasy.
Blood evil spirit array Jiang Jiaoyan but see out surging billows suddenly set up the true qi and turned around to wait for the flaw of dancing in the virtual shadow, so you can start your posture. Isn’t that what the leader said?
Even you once said that the blood in front of the elegant door was fierce and the green sun turned around, and the greatest strength was to pull out a thousand miles of frost. However, the famous sword was born with fierce spirit and immediately flashed a piece of light.
Encouraged to destroy Cang Lan’s eyes, coldly stared at the amazing number of virtual shadows in the night, and gradually distinguished the faint outline of each layer of virtual shadows. The vertical and horizontal cracks, shriveled wrinkles and ghostly blue light once again came into view. This time, the law was matched with that piece of blood vine, which was a wall that was really impenetrable.
Moreover, breaking the blood evil spirit array at a time is because of the strange power of Qingluo to help the little girl recuperate in the day Xuanzong, which makes the situation even more troublesome.
Guarding this tight proves that people in the underworld are in urgent need of rest, and the slightest disturbance is a big trouble for them. Jiang Jiaoyan calmly calculates and looks up at those virtual shadows that are gradually emerging, but they can be broken by some ghosts with strong shock wave.
He turned back and sank, saying, "Heaven and Sword Alliance", and everyone listened to orders.
The indestructible surging billow coldly interrupted Jiang Jiaoyan’s words, raised his hand and shook it without looking. These emotional ghosts have formed a bloody evil spirit array, and the offensive should be more simple than you said.
An elegant door and a world war I, the Aegis array of Heaven has broken this kind of ghost. Aegis reflects the silver light, and the middleman’s sword light is the same, but Jiang Jiaoyan is not willing to budge. It seems that this young boy’s command is destroyed, and Cang Lan’s body is already overwhelmed by a natural power.
Destroying Cang Lan Ran remembers that the Aegis array made him really suffer on the day of the First World War. Today, I don’t know the magic thing. I can’t help laughing coldly. I didn’t forget the power of Aegis, but even if your sword, light, shield and silver light are the same, after all, the shield array is less defensive. Besides,
He grabbed Jiang Jiaoyan’s skirt with a backhand tug and said goodbye coldly, forgetting that the person in your alliance defected. Jiang Jingtao also manipulated Aegis, which further weakened the pressure of Aegis on the underworld.
After all, Jiang Jingtao’s same door is still the law. I believe that friends who have always been loyal to Heaven and Sword Alliance suddenly defected and directly led to the destruction of the leader. After being ruthlessly broken, Jiang Jingtao could not help but wrinkle his brow with some pain.
We can’t storm. We want each department to destroy Cang Lan in one place, hold up your arms and slowly mobilize Yuan to start cold and hot air, so that he can breathe gently and spit cold and hot, and melt strange breath. I will break those blood vines and ghosts, and Xuanzong Heaven and Sword Alliance will be attacked on both sides to prevent the ghosts from quickly reorganizing and forming, and you
He turned to those frozen and motionless Tsing Yi killer roads and kept silent. I really don’t know what you are good at.