But it’s all his fault now. Offending Qing N’s majestic knot means that these benefits disappear together.

I wish by watching the fairy boat coming and going on the sea at the dock, I suddenly regretted why I insisted on not joining N Pai Zi.
Because I have been cheated and my relatives and friends have been killed.
However, Qing N has never done anything wrong to his brother. This reputation is still 5. Read the latest chapter. If such a big N faction wants to join, it will definitely not directly enter N, so proud that it has always been eager for a strong one. Seeing its potential, it will directly take its brother.
Isn’t this fantasy too unrealistic?
The secret in one’s own body is nothing. What passer-by has no secret?
This wish comes from sadness, and the mind shakes dng. When you hate Ai, a sound comes behind you.
What are you not satisfied with that I didn’t kill you?
I wish you a cold war. This sound is from the man who dragged him to hell.
He looked back and saw a young man in a golden suit followed by six followers, each of whom was terrible in strength, and this young man was obviously the leader of six people.
What did you do to hurt me? Suddenly, I was very angry. Facing Qing N, he tried to resist the people in front of me, too. They had great power. Why should they deal with themselves, a lonely gas refining man?
Where did I hurt you? yu Ding Tiandi was not angry and asked.
I wish Yu Yu that although he borrowed some powerful runes from Qing N, he would probably be killed by the protoss without the guidance of the young man in front of him.
Because it’s a life-and-death struggle to sign the contract, Qing will definitely not be rescued
You know the green n rule
Of course I know, but I broke the rules and didn’t do anything to me, did I?
Yu Ding’s words made Zhu You shine at the moment. Yes, this boy broke the rules of Qing N, but Qing N didn’t look for him. He is still at large in this magical city.
It’s impossible to say that Qing N doesn’t know who did it. The only explanation is that this young Qing N didn’t want to offend him before he took it out on himself.
Thought of here wishing by more angry.
Yu Ding nodded slightly. If you are willing to follow me, I will pay you back the debt you owe Qing N.
I hesitated to follow your wishes. He signed the "Bai Qi" and absolutely can’t join the "N School". But this young man is so powerful that Bai Qi should not dare to launch the "Bai Qi magic" to punish himself.
Don’t you want me to ask you if you are two abdomen when you practice?
I wish you were frightened and then calm down. Because of this, my cultivation speed is twice as slow as others. The higher the rank, the more difficult it is to make progress.
Do you have four more meridians?
I wish you more fear, but in the face of this, he can’t escape. Ok, keep nodding.
Yu Ding Tiandi laughed and said, I am the most suitable method for you to practice, and I want you to worship my teacher.
What kind of pie are you?
Wo n pai
Then what power do you belong to?
Yu Ding frowns, wishing you how to delay yourself, and has already given him Everbright Road. He has no decision at all, and he may not be able to practice to the Heaven Emperor’s realm. Have you seen the wrong person?
No matter taking him to see Emperor yu, he can get great benefits and let him learn from his master first. If he can cultivate to the realm of Emperor Tian, he will also be his master.
If you can’t do it, it’s not a big loan. It’s nothing to yourself.
I wish you that I don’t belong to any power. I am the Emperor yu Ding who came here this time to talk about some things. I see that your blood is pure cultivation. If you worship our teacher, you will have a chance to reverse it. If you are willing, you will nod. I won’t make it difficult for you.
I wish you hard nodded his head, and he didn’t like heaven either, but this yu Ding Emperor directly hit the nail on the head and knew everything about his body.
Have cultivated bifurcation.
This is not a lie, even the green palm N said that his qualifications are good, but it is a pity that the accumulation before the advanced artificial fairy is insufficient and there is no future in the future.
This is also the reason why Qing N’s younger brother rarely wants to be an artificial fairy. If the alchemy is not good, he can still break the alchemy, but he can’t turn back after he has achieved the artificial fairy.
I was barely advanced at that time, even if I was not satisfied, but I was too much stronger than the immortals of the same level, so I put together a handful.
I didn’t expect such a thing to be fatal to these strong people.
Zhou Yuan’s disaster needs to be cultivated to the realm of Jin Xian in order to narrowly avoid even the true fairy capital method in strong shelter. Even if the celestial emperors protect the true fairy to the realm of false fairy, people can at most keep a trace of soul, and this soul method of metempsychosis, even the soul cultivation, has not come to themselves.
He nodded yu Ding Da.
I wish I could get rid of the blue nyin shadow by pinning my heart down and thinking that yu Ding Tiandi Leitian would give me a face. It is estimated that I will not pursue my own affairs.
Hum, if you have cultivated to leitian level, you will come back and find the scene.
I wish the heart ing was not narrow, but he was quite impressed by yu Ding Tiandi. ji immediately fell to the ground and knocked nine consecutive Xiangtou.
Yu Ding sent the emperor to perceive his thoughts, but he didn’t feel murderous, so he just pressed No.
At most, in the future, I wish there would be some conflicts in vain. It is good that this master will mediate without killing people.
Yu Ding Tian Di Dao Bai Qi kicked you out. The rule of Fumo City can’t be broken any more. You will cross the sea with me first, and then I will give you the avenue when I come back. Besides, it’s not that simple. Hey, take this first.
That yu Ding Tiandi took a dry Kun bag ji and gave it to Zhu You. Zhu You took the dry Kun bag. In this dry Kun bag, there is a fairy. yu quality is pure and can’t be cultivated to the realm of Jin Xian.
The six gods will be impatient to stay in Voldemort City, and the attitude of Leitian Lang will not be difficult. yu Ding should have no conflict. These six guys took a wish and left Voldemort City on a fairy boat.
That wish by the way climbed the tree but never thought that yu Ding Tiandi never violated Qing N again from beginning to end. Kikuji was testing him, but this time it was to let six gods escort him away, which was also a surveillance meaning, for fear that this wish would give Qing N something ugly on the spot.