When I was still in a blur, a rude man kept chattering in my ear, which seemed to be like Luo Feng.

Ye, wake up quickly. What’s the matter with you? This sound should be Min Yao. It’s always so impatient.
Feng, don’t worry, pulling her is a fever that won’t kill her. This sound must belong to Du Jing, who is depressed and dead. It’s not so comforting to comfort people.
Why is Min Yao Ye at home? Didn’t she go? You can tell by the sound that she is too gentle and considerate to Min Yao.
What’s wrong with them? Didn’t I sleep at home? What’s going on? Why are they all beside me? Am I dreaming and pinching my arm? I woke up screaming.
Why are you all in my house? I wondered. Mrs. Luo Feng, Du Jingmin, Yao asked puzzled.
What’s the matter with you? You’re too old to take care of yourself. Luo Feng glared at me angrily and scolded.
Ye, you fainted at home. Fortunately, Luo Feng told us and then asked your mother to get the key. I was in a hurry to get there. Then it was unimaginable to see me with a blank expression, Min Yao explained
Thank you, I said and nodded to them with a smile.
Don’t thank your mother for leaving us for dinner at your house. Too one hand holds Min Yao and inserts with a smile.
Let’s all go and see what my aunt cooked. Du Jing grinned and looked at Luo Feng, so I left the room with Tai Min Yao.
It’s better now. It still hurts to have no head. As soon as they left Luofeng, they sat on the edge of my bed and asked softly
It’s okay. For southern Hunan, my headache is nothing. He hasn’t come back now and he doesn’t know where he has gone.
What’s the matter with you? When you were hiding at home, you saw my spirit and realized that he suddenly increased his decibel.
I don’t want to, either. Okay, okay, but here I stop. I want to avoid Luo Feng to rock the boat and find my troublemaker. I decided to hide the truth because southern Hunan has already given me a headache. Luo Feng must not distract me again.
I can’t help it. He looked at me with a gloating expression.
Angry at me, I kept myself in the quilt.
Yu Xiangye, you’ve gone too far now. Luo Feng took me away, shouted in my ear, and then threw me at me and slammed the door and left.
Feng, I didn’t mean to pull. I said to his back at the moment when he was about to take the door.
Although I admit my mistake, he still played his gentleman’s temper and didn’t go back to slamming the door. Now I really realize how desolate I am. The plot of southern Hunan has been played in my mind like a shadow at the moment, but the shadow can’t be stopped when southern Hunan said the last sentence today. Now it’s getting darker and darker. Where is southern Hunan? Are your parents going to find him? Let’s make a phone call and ask Zheyu to see if southern Hunan is there.
Hello, is this Zheyu? Luo Feng heard me hiding in the quilt and asked the microphone.
Eun-yeh, right? Have you eaten yet? Zheyu greeted me warmly.
Haven’t you seen southern Hunan? Let me get to the point, because now is not the time to chat with him.
Why haven’t you eaten yet? It’s almost 6: 30. Instead of asking me questions, he is very interested in me discussing eating.
I’m about to eat. I’m really impatient that you didn’t see southern Hunan today. Find out whether the situation is good or not. Now I want to know if you haven’t seen southern Hunan.
Yes, he replied with a smile.
Yes, I have. So now you are together in southern Hunan, aren’t you? I’m so happy that I’m not dancing and waiting for him to say yes.
No, I saw him this morning. His answer made me fall from the peak into the valley.
Oh, well, that’s all right. I’m absent-minded and ready to hang up
What’s the matter with southern Hunan? Zheyu couldn’t help asking when he saw that my words were full of worries.
If you can’t tell why southern Hunan came to see you, just call me, okay? On the contrary, if you have more sustenance, you will have more hope. Maybe southern Hunan will really go to Zheyu.
Ok, then you go to eat.
Yeah, bye
Hang up the phone, I suddenly feel that my breathing is not smooth and my body is sweating. I quickly lifted it. I was prepared to breathe and let my body cool down. I was lifted, but I saw Luo Feng holding a bowl of rice with vegetables on my bedside and scared me to get up. I looked like I saw a ghost.
Who are you talking to? He looked at me coldly.
My dad and I were afraid that he would know that I called his enemy. I lied and made Zheyu be my dad again.
It’s true that his suspicious eyes staring at me made my heart chill.
Yeah, yeah, I nodded and pounded garlic.
After dinner, his face twitched and he sat on the edge of my bed and smiled and said
It’s good that I’ve come. It’s not a serious illness. I’m going to grab my job and eat it myself. In fact, I’m afraid my mother will suddenly break in and see Lahe.
Don’t move your mouth. He glared at me with a serious expression and ordered me.
What an asshole! I’m a patient. How can I be so overbearing when I talk? Besides, the sun rises in the west today. How can I think of feeding me? But I’m actually happy in my heart. I’ve lived for ten years, but it’s the first time I’ve met a handsome guy, Luo Feng, who is rich, talented and ashes. It’s fake to say that I’m unhappy when I kiss him.
At about nine o’clock in the evening, Min Yao gave me a lesson, and Mrs. Luo Feng Du Jing left my house one by one. My mother was washing dishes and reading newspapers in the living room. Dad and I also sat in the living room to prepare to ask them questions about southern Hunan when my mother came. I really don’t believe this is a fact. I really don’t believe it.
Girl, why don’t you go back to sleep when you are uncomfortable? Come from the kitchen. Mom’s eyes are a little red and swollen. I thought about southern Hunan. She must have cried secretly in the kitchen just now.
Mom and dad, I want to ask you something. When you see mom sitting down, I looked at them and said softly
What’s the matter? Dad looked at me with a newspaper and asked kindly.
Southern Hunan is not your mother’s own child, is it? I looked at my father and then turned to my mother. I asked carefully