After all, uniting to the big fiend and monty’s wisdom is unusual. It must be thinking about closing penance and further high strength, so how can we meet Meng Fei from here and know that the big fiend level demon king is also rare in monty.

In this magic pond, because the owner of the fairy mansion has set a ban, I am afraid that it is impossible to be born. In this way, if I want to see the truth and take monty here, I would have come to kill myself with a lot of monty.
Purple rain is also familiar with monty’s mind. It doesn’t matter if Meng Fei is well-connected now even if he meets a big fiend.
Just then in the distance.
A castle completely condensed by dark clouds is suspended in the middle of the castle. On the throne sits a young man who looks taller than a handsome nose, wears a splendid silver dress and a certain crown, and looks like a dynasty wife.
The young man’s body breath is extremely strong, and the tide is rolling away.
He sat on the throne and stood a row of women, a row of men and women, charming and charming, as if they were doors, fairy men were handsome and dressed in armor, not unreal, but soldiers fighting God of War.
This is not that kind of shape monty, but condensed into a real fiend.
There are ten men and ten women.
That is to say, this seems too general. Young people in silver clothes have 20 big fiends.
Seven nights demon king, you have done everything you can to deceive those immortal levels outside before you enter here. Don’t start taking them here. If Monty lets other treasure hunters enter here, he will be in trouble. A big male fiend frowned in the previous step.
No one can compete with us in this magic pool. You don’t have to worry about this kind of thing. Seven nights, the magic prince waved his hand and said, you inform me to let your monty take strict precautions to monitor all the movements in this world. I don’t want any accidents.
I came to the magic pond this time to refine this magic pond, absorb ten immortal demon gods, and then go back to the underworld to let my father help me enter the immortal realm and become a generation of demon gods. This is important. I can’t be careless for seven nights.
We already know that there are nine deities, but four of them have been killed by a human named Yan Nanfei. You are the most powerful deity, but you want to avenge yourself on your brother, so that you can break into immortality and become a generation of deities. Yan Nanfei is no match for you, no matter how powerful you are.
Twenty big magic god king respectful way at the same time
Well, it’s good for you to know that my father will break into a main world in a few days to plot a great event, but it’s necessary to make more preparations for those powerful characters in the main world to detect it.
If I can break into the immortal realm, I can refine the human named Yan Nanfei and lay a clever chess game in the main world in advance, and then I will be appreciated by my father. It is not impossible that I will not inherit the unification.
Seven Nights, Lord Devil, a wave of powerful people came in this magic pond. Now Monty has come to us. A fiend suddenly flew to the gate of the castle but dared not come in and knelt in the tunnel.
Well, are those immortal levels being put in? Asked a statue of a female fiend.
It’s not that they don’t seem to be three thousand people in the North Ghost Star Domain, but that the main world Wu Zongdi used to be a picture scroll, and the speed of taking monty was not fast. Later, another house with a big star edge took monty several times faster, and the fiend didn’t dare to get up and crawl.
Is the star-shaped edge the size of the house? After listening to it, the seven-night demon king waved his hand and a flat mirror suddenly showed a round light the size of a washbasin in front of himself.
In the round light, a statue of a huge star edge suddenly appeared, and a large number of monty were sucked into the star edge, and the blood in this magic pool was also restored.
However, it was only when the magic statue of heaven and earth existed for thousands of years that the star-level star-edge of the God of War was refined. The real value of this star-edge is that some fairy wares are compared.
One idea I want to enter the main world is to inquire about this day, and then I want to get it all over the world. I don’t have any scruples about where I want to go. I didn’t expect it to take me seven nights to find a place. The demon king burst out laughing and left his seat.
Big fiend, you can catch the characters in the King of Heaven and Earth with me. With this statue, it will be much easier for us to enter the main world. At the same time, you can use the power of the King of Heaven and Earth to refine your form and cultivate.
Well, the deeper this is, the more monty there is. At this time, Meng Fei has once again seen teams of monty evil winds. More than 10,000 monty have condensed into a large array of things that attack and kill themselves.
He is now the king of heaven and earth, and the strength of Monty is increasing gradually. Seeing more than 10,000 Monty troops, his heart is secretly and suddenly fuelling a large array that eats souls again.
The king of heaven and earth is refined by a generation of magic statues, and it is faster to enter the monty array than to seal the gods list. Many of them can not be refined into a panacea like the gods list.
However, it is not too late for Meng Fei to wait until there are enough monties in the five edges of heaven and earth, and it is not too late to put them into the list of gods. Moreover, Meng Fei also found a problem that with the increase in the number of monties in the king edge of heaven and earth, he became more and more handy.
Especially in the king of heaven and earth, the soul-eating large array seems to be a special monty. He wants to course the large array and suck it. The monty immediately inhaled the king’s edge and was suppressed.
The speed of taking monty from the soul-eating large array is much stronger than that of swallowing the spirit from the gods’ list. A lot of amityville horror Zhongtian Diwang Leng rushed into a dark cloud for several tens of feet and condensed into a huge mouth.
More than 10,000 monty couldn’t help throwing the whale into the giant mouth, and the general department of water absorption threw it into the king’s ridge.
King of heaven and earth ridge furnace got more than ten thousand monty power immediately several law fuelling suction again.
Now, there are more than 70,000 monty in the king’s ridge of heaven and earth, and the power is nearly doubled. More Meng Fei’s skill is fuelling the soul-eating array, and it seems that a black hole is formed, sucking all forms and spirits.
The virtual space around the edge of the king of heaven and earth is twisted and seems to collapse.
At this moment, a cold hum came from a distance, and now a silver young man put a hand on the edge of heaven and earth for dozens of miles. Suddenly, a piece of mercury appeared on his head, like the Tianhe River, which dripped into a clutches and took it abruptly towards the edge of heaven and earth.
Competitive capability Meng Fei heart in a surprised andao is really bad luck finally stepped on nails where did you get such a powerful role in this magic pool?
Meng Fei saw the mercury in the milky way, and the waves rolled in the milky way, reaching out to the magic hand to cover the sun. Peng Pai was afraid that he had reached the top level. From his body, he knew that the other party was very powerful, even the most powerful fiend in the big ghost.
The mercury river hand a grasp five fingers shock immediately Fiona Fang fifty or sixty zhangs gas department was blocked gas also solidified up as heavy as mercury.
The king of heaven and earth’s ridge eats the soul, and the large array doesn’t work. The rotation was forcibly stopped, and the strong suction came back to make Meng Fei uncomfortable
Fortunately, he was lucky enough to avoid being injured by the earthquake.
If you hide monty like this, it’s impossible for anyone else to enter the magic pool, but it’s just killing a few small monty on the edge and practicing monty Dan, and you suck for a few hundred thousand dollars. This is really too much. Jinlong muttered that it has long been wrong.
According to Meng Fei’s former idea, it is not surprising that all the monties in this magic pond should be taken away without attracting the powerful people in the magic door. It is not surprising that all the monties here have been taken and surrounded by people.