Check to know them is simply a dragon covering the sky to raise killing weapons Xiao Xiang took Fu Chen us slightly laughed

For this sarcastic remark, please bear with me. The expression on your face suddenly turns cold. Xiao Xiang, you have to stop. I dare not touch your hand.
Xiao Xiang’s folding fan shook his head and didn’t say anything to intimidate me.
Fu Chen smiled and listened to the dialogue between the two, but he was rapidly contemplating ways to make these prisoners willing to go with him.
He had already seen the information about the distribution of power in the prison before he entered the prison.
There are three forces in the blood red prison. Generally speaking, the dragon covering the sky is the strongest, followed by the blood Leng Qing Hao Huomeng, and the last one is led by the red-faced evil man Zheng Xiong.
Hao Huosheng and Zheng Xiong led the two forces to be weaker, and they joined hands to fight against the dragon and cover the sky so that they would not be swallowed up.
And this born Xiao Xiang is an important core figure in cold-blooded Zheng Xiong, but Meng Hugh can’t bear to move. He may also be afraid because of the other party’s strong strength and the identity problem.
Now that Fu Chen has killed Aotian Long, the dragon covers the sky and is in the point of immortality. Since this is not as good as the other two forces.
Hey, big guy, are you going to follow me outside? Fu Chen asked jokingly.
Get out of here, be patient, and be grumpy. Plus, Xiao Xiang has just laid out a lot of grievances and worries, and there is no place to vent. At this moment, Fu Chen is a good vent for him.
Shout at top of your voice, the copper ring is shaking the soles of your feet back and forth and stamping the ground. The body of Judah is still a one-thousand-pound stone, which is extremely outrageous and hit Fu Chen.
And look at this one-track-minded big guy. It seems that he will knock someone down with this move and then tear it in half.
Looking at a head of stuffy bump to receive Hugh endure Fu Chen did not move.
make a din
Fu Chen front a ghosting height of about one meter Wu Bo in front of him.
Fu Chen knows that Wu Bo’s advantage is that his body is fast, but this big guy Meng Xiuren is obviously not good at speed and his mind is extremely dull. Wu Bo is enough to deal with such a piece of wood.
In front of more than two meters high, Wu Bo is as fragile as a dwarf.
However, none of the many prisoners present dared to underestimate this guy because he just showed terrible speed. Although Meng Hugh’s strength is far superior to Wang De’s, everything is a cloud in the face of such strong speed.
It is even more furious to see this weak guy dare to stand in front of himself. A shell leaving the chamber crashed into Wu Bo with an extremely violent strong wind.
Fu Chen, on the other hand, is very confident in Wu Bo, and he is full of confidence in his own method of training Wu Bo.
Wu Bo and Gao Fei will be the core leaders of the Hacker Corps, and it will be beneficial for the future management to let Wu Wavefront shine.
Fu Chen knows that his opponent is not yet present.
Holding a folding fan, Xiao Xiang also kept a close eye on Wu Bo’s posture
If a wily rabbit moves in a quiet place, this guy is really a set of Xiao Xiang’s profound look. Fu Chen, who has never had a hand, doesn’t know how tough this guy will be.
It’s not enough to take the prisoners away. Xiao Xiang waved his hand and continued to watch Wu Bomeng’s fight.
Chapter 26 A trick
Chapter 26 A trick
Fu Chen quietly looked at Wu Bo in the battle of Meng Xiuren, but he didn’t worry that he had no hope of winning for the big guy who knew brute force.
Meng Hugh’s fist slammed into the prison wall, but the two contact sounds made the eardrums of dozens of people present dull pain.
Fortunately, the light thickness of these walls is about one meter thick. Otherwise, Meng Hugh will bear this kind of brute force, and several fists will be smashed in the past.
Dodging aside, Wu Bo’s face is also full of dignified colors, and his strength is far beyond his expectation, especially his body’s horrible power is not close to Wu Bo.
Wu Bo didn’t know that Meng Xiuren was not weaker than the leaders of the three major forces in the bloody prison because his head was not sensitive and his adaptability was very poor, so he could be a thug instead of a leader.
I’ve been struggling to catch up with Meng Hugh, and I haven’t even met Wu Bo’s clothes for so long. The copper ring at the tip of my nose screamed and shouted, I will tear you apart.
Hands suddenly stretched forward, then hands became claws, and they were strong enough to suck the palm of Wu Bo’s hand five meters away.
Crazy fierce suction suddenly broke out from the center of his two palms
At the center of this attraction, Wu Bo felt the deepest, and ten big cows went crazy and pulled him to be close to Mengxiu.
Wu Bo is good at close combat, but the other side is a poor killer. If he is near, he will not be immediately slammed by the other side.
Surging suction is constantly released, but how Wu Bo resists is useless. It’s also a pleasure to watch Wu Bo approaching Monhugo. His nickname is tearing the king, so he can’t go on a rampage and dare to mix in this bloody prison. He can’t live without guarding the house.
What’s more, even the three leaders, Yi Long, have a headache. Ask your opponent to get close to his attack range. I believe no one can resist his punch.
Haha, Meng Xiuren raised his nostrils, and the bronze ring was also shaking, laughing and laughing. Since you dare to come here, you will know what the price is.
The prisoners who are watching are also extremely greedy, and they are slowly approaching Monhugh and Wu Bo. Another horse will be torn in half.