When pulling, Meng Fei didn’t hit the jade bottle, but put the seal light on the surface for more than an hour. Suddenly, there was a poof in the jade bottle, and Meng Fei waved and hit the jade bottle.

Sanzuwu, you have hidden the monty thunder in the jade net bottle. It’s not bad. I just forcibly hit the jade net bottle, and the monty thunder exploded, and the fairy device exploded with it. Unfortunately, I expected that the first thing was to seal the divine light and dissolve the ban on the monty thunder.
With a wave of his hand, Meng Fei flew a bullet the size of a dark egg and a sphere the size of a human head from the jade net bottle.
Small one and big nine poles
This is the so-called most powerful thunder ball in the magic way, which is much more powerful than any earth nuclear bomb.
You can’t cope with the itch of Meng Fei’s roots when you see it, but you can sneer at it. Even if you get the jade net bottle, it’s nothing. It’s already broken, and the manna in it has dried up. Now this bottle can be used as a decoration
Hum, I have long guessed that if the jade bottle is really powerful in ancient times, how can I pick it up so easily? Let me see how many treasures you have hidden in this jade bottle.
Meng Fei doesn’t gnash her teeth and pour the bottle with one. Suddenly, the pure aura flashes like the Tianhe fracture, and the stone medicine of Lingxing is directly poured down.
Pile after pile for thirty piles, and each pile has one million stone, which is actually thirty million stone.
Moreover, these Lingxing stone bodies are also contaminated with thick and powerful pure world breath, and each Lingxing stone face is looming with a little dew shadow moving on it.
It seems that you want to cultivate 30 drops of nectar from these 30 million lingxing stones, but it’s a pity that there is no good baby after these 30 million lingxing stones.
Meng Fei took the jade bottle in his hand and examined it carefully. He found that the jade bottle was really damaged, which was more serious than the three antiquities before him. All kinds of magic in the jade bottle have disappeared, and I don’t know where the three-legged feet came from.
Although 30 million lingxing stones are a huge fortune, this bottle of lingxing stones has been contaminated with pure world power for a long time. Generally, lingxing stones are different. Meng Feiran will let it save and cultivate until the final cultivation is successful, and the value will be immeasurable.
Sanzuwu, when I have collected the nine-turn Huanshen Dan, the rest of the medicinal materials will be completely extinct. What else can you say? Meng Fei took the jade net bottle and toyed with Monty Ray and asked with a smile.
I have a lot of secrets. I’ll give you a secret in exchange for you. Don’t refine my three feet and feet suddenly
Oh, what’s the secret? Meng Fei knows that this Tripod has swallowed up. I don’t know how many uniting souls know how many things. So he also wants to get some value secrets to this Tripod. He decided to squeeze it dry.
It’s a treasure house secret, and it’s a treasure house in the galaxy star. I can see that you’re here, and suddenly there’s a mysterious tone.
Let’s hear the secrets of the Galaxy Star Treasure House. Meng Fei’s heart is a little interested. There are a lot of secrets. If you don’t search for some, it would be a pity to refine them into nine-turn resurrection pills.
You have to promise not to refine me, then I will say that I have three feet and five feet. Hey, hey, I laughed. Don’t think that torture forced me to erase the memory in my head at any time. You should know that at our level, the memory can be erased at once, and I can also modify my body memory to let you know the error message.
Come on, I’ll see how much your secret is worth. If it’s worth enough, I won’t refine it. Meng Fei speaks slowly. In fact, he has already made up his mind to refine this soul-eating beast. It’s more important than the treasure secret to save the princess from heaven.
Don’t tell me it’s the most famous celestial treasure in the Milky Way, and the treasures in it have long been carved up.
What, you even know about heaven? Sanzuwu was shocked. It seems that you should have been to the ruins of heaven, otherwise you wouldn’t be so clear about heaven.
But I want to tell you that it is not the treasure of heaven, but the jade emperor, who is equally famous. A great emperor is called the emperor. You should know that the emperor is not the same. The world has fought against heaven, and he also left an imperial treasure.
There are not many people who know this secret world. I happened to swallow a monk who knew this secret and got the map of the emperor’s secret collection.
Meng Fei, the Emperor’s Secret Collection, heard these two names and his heart surged like a tide. Isn’t this the most famous Meng Emperor in China history?
But his face didn’t show at all. Go on
The emperor’s secret vault contains poor secrets, and the most powerful one is the immortal Dan, who said that the immortal Dan was made by the emperor who sent him to fight in all directions, killed unknown people, robbed unknown treasures of heaven and earth, and then planted trees in the world.
The sound of three feet is full of temptation. Once you get the eternal life pill, you can step into the realm of eternal life and directly become an epic strength. Although you are now a holy strength, this strength is not enough to cross the universe. I am the best proof
You speak very well. Meng Fei’s face shows a cold sneer.
There are many powerful puppets in Huan Huang’s secret collection. Those puppets are proficient in martial arts, and their poverty is stronger than their power.
However, this is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that there are still ten wings in the emperor’s secret collection. It was when the emperor beheaded several temples, and their life source reborn alien creatures.
Smell this level day 6636 get your hands on, you are equal to have 36 epic level strong, you protect you, you kill the enemy, you are vertical and horizontal.
Once again, the three feet said, especially the eternal life Dan is controlling those ten-winged heavenly health to want you. The eternal life Dan will bring you the breath of ten-winged heavenly faith. You know, each of them is not only powerful but also the most beautiful goddess in the universe.